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Curability of Iron Deficiency Anemia & Other Nutrient Deficiencies

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There are many devastating diseases that have no cure yet, such as diabetes, cancer, AIDS, and asthma.  But fortunately, iron deficiency anemia isn’t one of them.

This is a treatable and curable condition that can be remedied with various treatment options and lifestyle changes that are affordable, accessible, and non-intrusive.

Here is some information about the curability of iron deficiency anemia and how resolving other nutrient deficiencies can actually cure anemia as well.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

Iron has an important role in the human body, and individuals who suffer from chronic diseases, including certain types of cancer, ulcers, kidney failure, and inflammatory diseases, are often iron deficient or suffer from anemia. Since iron deficiency anemia is frequently paired with other seemingly unrelated symptoms, the condition can be difficult to diagnose at home and without proper testing.

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The first step in curing one’s symptoms is finding the right diagnosis. Once iron deficiency anemia is determined to be the diagnosis, a medical professional can recommend the proper treatment and set the path to recovery.

How to Cure Iron Deficiency Anemia

There are numerous treatments for iron deficiency anemia, but the primary goal is always the same. This goal is to restore normal level of iron, red blood cells, and hemoglobin in the body. Simply eating more red meat, soybeans, tofu, lentils, and spinach may be enough to cure an iron deficiency in mild cases.

Iron supplements like Fergon are recommended by doctors to treat anemia and also prevent the worsening symptoms of iron deficiencies. This reliable source of iron is manufactured in a way that prevents side effects like bloating and constipation.

In very severe cases of iron deficiency, part of the curing strategy may be blood transfusions of red blood cells. Iron therapy may also be recommended in severe cases when patients are unable to take supplements by mouth. But regardless of the treatment strategy, this condition can be cured when iron levels are restored to a healthy level. The main challenge at that point is to maintain that level of iron balance in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

Other Nutrient Deficiencies and Anemia

It’s a common misconception that low iron in one’s nutritional intake is the only thing that causes anemia. However, other nutrient deficiencies can actually lead to anemia as well.

Other natural deficiencies, like low levels of vitamin B12, are also curable causes of anemia, which should come as a relief to individuals suffering from this condition. One type of anemia called pernicious anemia, which is caused by a lack of vitamin B12 in the body. By restoring one’s levels of vitamin B12, it is possible to overcome pernicious anemia and the symptoms that it causes.

Vitamin B12-rich foods include shellfish, beef liver, and mackerel and other fish. Vegetarians and vegans can increase the amount of tofu, nutritional yeasts, and fortified cereals in their diets to overcome vitamin B12 deficiencies. In more severe cases, vitamin B12 pills or shots may be recommended as well, but the important thing to remember is that these conditions can be cured to restore a normal and active lifestyle.

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